MEGA World - PvE Module Management System

MEGA World - PvE Module Management System

For my capstone project at Athabasca University, I joined an on-going project called MEGA World.

MEGA World is a web-based multiplayer role-playing game that was designed to be used as an educational tool. The players can take on quests that test them in school subject matter.

I was credited for the development of the backend management systems for the player-vs-environment module that was being developed at the time.

The PvE module allows the players to fight enemies in a turn-based trivia battle system. My portion of the project had me programming all of the management systems that allowed an administrator (for example, the teacher of a class) to add in items for the players to find and use, place monsters to fight on in-game maps, and assign questions and answers to be used during battles. The management system was built using PHP, JavaScript and HTML.

Due to agreements made when starting on this project, I am not allowed to share any images or code relating to the backend I developed.